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For 5000 years, from the Pharaohs to the president, gold has always embodied a sign of power and wealth. The one who had gold, always had money. Nothing has changed in our days. Whoever has the gold, will always have money. Nations disappeared, currencies disappeared, only gold remains a measure of the value of goods and services. Gold is a unique product that never depreciates, and devalue only those goods that can never be compared to gold. Calmness can be bought only for gold. It is an indisputable fact!

Emgoldex Team

Emgoldex Team

Administrative Office

Unit 2 H-05-396, Floor 5,

Building 2, Jewellery & Gemplex,

DMCC, Dubai , United Arab Emirates

Phone: +441233280653


Marketing Department.


Department of deliveries and storage organization



Charles Gordo Iza.

Social Media Manager.

Emgoldex Team .

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