German company Emgoldex & Gold & Silver Physical Metals is engaged in trade of an investment precious metals in bars, namely: gold, silver, platinum and palladium. The company buys and sells bars only of a large weight, ranging from 1000 grams, and also provides them for safekeeping in a Certified vaults of Switzerland, Germany and the United Arab Emirates.

In 2010, on the territory of UAE, Dubai, the Gold & Silver Physical Metals company opened an online store

Emgoldex Hispano - KeArt - Carlos Gordo Iza - CEO & SEO

Emgoldex Hispano – KeArt – Carlos Gordo Iza – CEO & SEO

on trade of an investment bars of gold smaller in sizes from 1 gram to 100 grams of pure gold with a content of 999,9 world famous manufacturer of Emirates Gold DMCC.

Why Dubai?

Dubai – is the largest center of gold trade in the Middle East and the Indian region. The city imports an average of 300 tonnes of gold per year and is the fastest growing center of trade in gold in the world.

Gold is bought and sold throughout the world over 5000 years. Various cities and markets are trading in gold for centuries. But only one city in the world known as a city of gold, it is Dubai, Dubai -The City of Gold.

The EMGOLDEX online store is intended for trade in investment gold through the Internet worldwide.

The company not only sells the bars, but also provides a guarantee of redemption of gold from its clients on the most favorable prices.

Why gold?

Gold – is a product that is so simple and understandable to all segments of the population, that it is enough to show it and it will sell itself.

For centuries, gold has been, is and will be the only money, invented by mankind for all time of its existence.

Gold is the money of kings;

silver is the money of lords;

barter is the money of peasants;

credit cards are the money of slaves.

Emgoldex Live.

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